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A Bit About Therapy

What to Expect

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     At Empower and Thrive Counseling, our therapists offer a comfortable, non-judgmental space for you to work through and cope with life's challenges to improve your emotional and physical well-being.  We practice from a holistic approach, focusing on both the mind and body to help facilitate insight, healing and growth. 

       Beginning with an intake session, your counselor will take the lead in explaining more about the therapeutic process, explore your individual needs and goals, and make a plan for your work together. The initial session is a great way for you and your therapist to get to know each other, and for you to get a better feel for their counseling style and personality.  Remember, therapy is always your choice, and finding the right fit is essential.


     Making the decision to begin therapy can often be a difficult one.  As with many new beginnings, there may be fear, reluctance, doubt, enthusiasm, and hope all wrapped up together.  Whether you've been to counseling in the past or are completely new to it, this can be a unique and fresh start.  You and your counselor will thoroughly explore what you want out of therapy and life in general, and work collaboratively towards those goals. 


For more information or to set up a free consultation, please contact us. 

We look forward to working together!

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