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Counseling Services 

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Individual Therapy

Children, Adolescents, and Adults

     Individual counseling is a one-on-one experience with just you and your counselor in a supportive and judgment-free environment.  The therapeutic relationship is a confidential alliance that promotes self-growth and positive change.  We all have a unique story, accompanied by varying obstacles that can get in the way of our health and happiness.  Life can feel overwhelming, painful, and hopeless at times, and we may feel powerless against the things that we're dealt or that get thrown our way.  Counseling is here to provide you with the necessary tools to help you cope with the trials and tribulations of life - past, present, and future.  Our counselors also work with kids, teens and their parents to improve developmental, emotional, and behavioral issues.  Each client whether youth or adult is given individualized care and support to work through life's challenges and build overall wellness.


Couples Therapy

Build your Partnership

     Relationships can be complicated and difficult to navigate, yet we all have a basic human need and desire for them.  The way we learn to communicate, resolve issues, cope with our individual triggers, and set boundaries are unfortunately not always the most effective ways.  We do what we know, we do our best, until we get the chance to know and do better.  Whether you are nearing a break-up or divorce, or are just wanting to enhance your connection, you and your partner have the power to learn, change, and get the healthier, happier relationship that you want.   

Being open to couples work can seem like admitting defeat – “We should be able to fix this on our own”.  Understandably, we do our best to resolve our own problems, but sometimes what we’re doing is just plain not working.  It’s OK!  There is no shame in going to a mechanic when you have car trouble, so what is the difference in needing some coaching in an area we so highly value?  We are expected to just know how to be in loving relationships, and keep them long-lasting.  How?  Have you ever taken a course in relationships?  Typically, the only training we get comes from watching our parents or guardians in their relationships, and I hate to say but our parents are not always the best models (bless their hearts).  Even if we have the greatest models for relationships, being a good partner can be challenging.  We can do better, for ourselves and our partners.   

  Together, you and your counselor will create and establish concrete goals, explore the dynamics of your unique relationship, and practice new skills in session that you can apply in optional weekly homework.  Our ultimate goal is to help couples get the love they want, and grow together in a healthy partnership.

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Parent Coaching and Family Counseling

Helping Parents and Families Create Harmony in the Household

     Empower and Thrive Counseling offers parent coaching and family therapy to help parents and families who are in need of some guidance, support, and healing.  Our counselors have experience working with children, teens, and parents, helping them to navigate negative behavioral, relational, and emotional patterns.  We aim to assist and encourage caregivers and family members through the challenging and often difficult times.  Parent coaching will focus on helping you interpret your child's problem behaviors, understand your parenting style, build parenting techniques (rewards/consequences), learn effective communication skills to use with your child, set healthy boundaries, and ultimately create a lower-stress home environment for you and your family.  Family counseling can help members build essential communication skills, navigate and resolve conflicts and deeper issues, and understand and change maladaptive patterns that interfere with relationships.

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